Building our Naples

A long awaited Update 

Sorry for the absence!  There wasn’t much to update during the drywall phase.  There were just lots of dust and more dust.  However it’s nice to see the true size of our house.

the family room

morning room and kitchen

morning room

wider view of the family room



the powder room

dinning room

office/man cave

view of upstairs

the loft

my craft room

laundry room

owners bedroom

roman shower with seat

main bathroom

guest room

Samantha’s room

Another shot of Sam’s room

Below is a broken window in the loft and a new one was ordered on May 11, 3015.  Also, our interior things like, doors, stair railings, vanities, mouldings, and cabinets and some exterior things like sliding screen doors, and columns for the front portico were delivered today.  So in coming weeks, there will be more updates!  So I will leave you what has come in today!

the posts for the front portico

unstained stair rails

it says Butt ha ha ha

interior doors

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The Pre-drywall Meet

It has been quiet for a few days, because all the changes are happening inside now.  Right before we had our pre-drywall meeting, Bill and I scoped out the framing inside and found many issues that looked alarming to us.  We will get that in a few, but below is our mud hole and it has a house!  As of yesterday, we also gained our porch and garage entrance step, and our carriage garage door and lots of plumbing pipes and HVAC stuff.  Things are coming together nicely.  While making our list of concerns, I decided to try out the Roman shower, and it’s going to be a nice and spacious shower!

can’t wait for the finished Roman shower!

Now down to business!  Here is the list of issues that we and our PM decided it was worth to bring attention to and fix (he was prepared-he had a sharpie and a bright orange spray paint can):

Morning room:

  1. Two holes in plywood high above 2 window side.
  2. Two holes in plywood on door side- one at corner where morning room meet house. Gap in wall below the hole.


  1. Door frame inside house when facing garage cracked on right just above door.
  2. Cracked beam family room side facing garage at bottom of beam.
  3. Cracked beam at I-beam in the house side (1st beam).


  1. Behind stairs, cracked beam at the top and bottom-it’s loose.


  1. Block for TV on side wall of house.


  1. Top right rear-split multiple areas.


  1. Frame piece behind fridge cracked all way through.
  2. Big wood beams facing morning room not attached on top.

Family room:

  1. Rear room at center, floor severely cracked.


  1. Facing out back door gap in upper right door frame.
  2. Bolts on last beam are finger lose.
  3. Last beam on plywood shims (they’ve replaced with the metal shims by the time we got there).
  4. Brace for steps on top right when facing underneath is split both ways.
  5. Middle beam support off center.

Master bedroom:

  1. Center east side up high, hole and beam above hole

Middle bedroom:

  1. Frame above outside hole has big chunk missing.
  2. Outside hole half way up the wall when looking up from under window.

At this point our beloved PM was scaling up in the rafters and beams marking and spraying the issues.  At one point he was almost at the pitch of the roof (for someone who is afraid of heights makes my knees shaky)!

At this point, I wanted to put some bible scriptures at essential parts of the house, such as the front  and garage door entrance (dofus me forgot to snap a picture of Joshua 24:15), Sam’s and our bedroom frames (see below).

And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. (‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭6‬:‭7‬ KJV)

Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. (‭Matthew‬ ‭19‬:‭6‬ KJV)

Yesterday evening, my husband tried to go into our house, and everything was closed and locked up!  LOL.  Until then, see you at the next update!


The Framing Process 

Hello followers!  A lot has happened since the last post, and I can tell you, it is becoming more real now;  there is a house forming.  This picture was taken on Friday evening after I dropped Sam off for an after hour school field trip to see Wicked.  They had gotten the third floor up and framed, and they were working on placing the garage frame to fit; which took them several attempts to make it lock in (and hollering spanish instructions to each other, see the below picture).  At this point for me it didn’t feel real just yet.

Finally, it settled in and they could nail it in!

Struggling to get it to fit.

Our morning room has its framing complete, and a view of the 3rd floor.  My husband showed up at the mud hole just when the workers were finishing up and calling quits for the day.  So we took the opportunity to walk through the main level and basement to see if we could find any issues that was worthy to bring to our PM’s attention (who was off for vacation for the week).  We found a quite few of issues, and I’ll share after we discuss them with him.  We stayed till the sun set, and it we got to hear the true sounds of our community.  I heard kids playing outside, neighbors chatting, and frogs calling in the distance;  we are near marshy areas.  Just hearing the true sounds without the construction noise, made my heart sing; it’s quiet compared where we used to live before.

Here is the morning room with our optional windows with our basement walk out!

Then on Saturday morning on the way to the old house, we stopped back at the mud hole, and we had a 1/4 of a roof!  Now its taking shape of a real house!

Saturday morning on our way to our old house; we have 1/4 of a roof.

I was at my old neighbor’s house for a cookout (we will missing walking across our back yard and into theirs’) and Bill sent me this picture.  At that moment, it felt real to me, it had everything there that resembled a house.
  After church (mind you, is only a minute away from the new house!), I wanted to show my dad and step mom how much has been completed.  I was very surprised these guys were out working on the house on a Sunday!  And they were finishing up some last things such as our portico.

img_5018 copy

I wonder tomorrow will bring?

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We have framing going on!

 From the day we signed the purchase agreement and preparing our old house for the market, this has been my theme:

photo credit: 95.1 SHINE FM

 I stopped by at the mud hole this morning and they were prepping for the installation of the I-beams and the framing.  I didn’t notice this guy below who is carrying obviously heavy timber, can get his weight lifting done as well. Ha ha ha.   

sorting the frames like a puzzle: can i do the edges?

Before heading over to our old house to clean (bleh), I had to drive by and see how they far they progressed since 8:15 this morning (this was taken around 11:45 am).  The I-beams and some of the lumber been installed!  For months, I’ve seen other houses being framed and I was thinking and wishing it was our house.  Well the moment has come and it’s our turn!

Don’t fall over the edge!

 Then yet again, after my daughter’s extracurricular activities at school, we headed back to the mud hole and look, we have some frames up!

I drove around to another street, where I can see the rear of the house and get zoomed in pictures.  A guy was staring at us and was probably wondering why we were spying on him, However in reality we were looking at the house.  I yelled through the window,

“That’s our house!” 

I pulled over and got out to introduce myself and Sam, and shook hands.  Steve told us feel free to trespass into his yard to get closer to the rear of the house.  We chatted for a long time in his back yard to a point the other neighbors came out to introduce themselves as well.  They all seemed nice and would love to get to know them more.  I eventually met Steve’s wife, Kelly who was out getting one of their daughters.    

Sam and I in front of our morning room/walkout.


lifting the frame that will be the doorway.

 Still think the basement is scary, especially when you hear several nail guns going above you.  Look the I-beams are up! 

Sam deciding if she wants to enter the dark part of the basement.


looks totally different with a floor above my head.


glad they cut out our opted windows on the other side. Some day we will have a deck instead of the baby gate.

I wonder how far they gotten so far?  I shall see tomorrow!  


I Beams, and we got some wood y’all!!!

Good day followers (Brian, aren’t you liking the updates?)!  APRIL has proved to be a wet month so far and has been a hindrance with the cement slab process.  Yesterday it was a wet, chilly and all around yucky day (at least it’s not snow right?), and nothing was done at the mud hole.   

our garage!


our very wet basement


walkout view of the basement. The slab looks like marble.


never understood why they were called I-beams until I watched Fixer Upper. doh!


And today after picking Sam from a extracurricular activity at school, we drove over to the mud hole and BAM!!!  Our framing wood has (or is it ‘had arrived’?) arrived!  I had to do 2 panoramic pictures because the load was huge (insert: that’s what she said.). As soon as we pulled up, the warm breeze sent the lumber wood smell towards my nose, and oh man oh man, I love that smell, don’t you?  Am I the only one here who does?

  I’m hoping they get most of the framing done tomorrow before the rain arrives!  Oh did I mention our PM is on vacation this week?  I guess Tuesday of next week, I’ll ask if the date is the same for pre-drywall meet, or is it delayed; I need to notify our private inspector to go a couple days before the meet.  I’m sure I’ll have another update tomorrow, until then…..


I spy some stairs!


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What a slab, bleh….

I can’t stop with the puny titles! I’m sorry :).   Last week was Spring break for the kids where we live, so the driving by in the morning and afternoon wasn’t happening.  I made myself drive over Thursday morning to see what was done, and they filled the moat around the house, leveled and prepared the ground for the slab and leveled the dirt/clay stuff.  Friday was a soggy day, so pouring the cement was out of the question.  Hopefully today, they will pour the slab and maybe by Wednesday we will see the framing wood sitting near our lot, waiting to be framed.  It has been smooth sailing so far.  I’m sure issues will arise when the actual building will happen.  Here are more images of boring concrete and pipes and other exciting construction stuff! 


the orange spray paint marks where the I beams will go.


a Santa fe and an Ifininti might be tight in the garage!


the basement walkout entrance


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The Basement is always a scary place to be.

I made my way to the walkout from our basement.  Once inside, I walked around to look at the pipes.  It’s weird to think this will be a our future home, as Johnny Swim’s Home is running through my head (Fixer Upper’s theme song).  It’ll be nice to call these concrete walls home, since we are in a temporary living space, my Dad’s house.

Our PM is very specific and clear on what we want.


the main plumbing installed


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A Sturdy Foundation 

Things are progressing very quickly, never thought from last Friday (March 27) ground breaking event could lead us to our foundation walls (April 3rd).   Got a phone call from our PM this afternoon updating us on what’s going to happen next week.

  1. Install the plumbing.
  2. Level ground.
  3. Pour the cement for the slab.

So there will be an update next week as well!  Happy Easter everyone! 

 John 3:16


the forms just hanging out together.


the forms all pieced together, waiting on the cement to join the party.


yes, I got stares from the workers.


one slab dared to be different, can you spot it?


I spy a walkout .


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We gained some footing

Like I do everyday in the morning, I stop by the mud hole and see if any progress started.  I didn’t get a decent picture from this morning, however saw a pair of laser levels on tripod while workers were digging.  Then in the afternoons after picking Sam up from school we head over so she can see the progress.  Today, they had completed the footers!  It’s nice to see the actual outline of our house.  I wonder if they will do anything tomorrow or let it cure for a day?  We’ll shall see!

the view of the office/man cave, dinning room, kitchen and morning room.


the view of the garage and the stairs to the basement and family room.


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We Captured the first dig!

What are the chances that we capture the very first dig of our mud hole?!?  After picking Sam from an extracurricular school activity, we decided to check out if they started something at mud hole.  Luckily for us, the excavator was just about to start!


Then a very nice lady, Cheryl came up next to us and introduced herself and welcomed us to the community.  She told us it was okay for us to get a bit closer (I felt I was intruding and didn’t want disturb any of the workers), so we drove up to our street and got a better shot.  He was throwing the stones to make our driveway and to protect the curb from breaking from his and other construction vehicles.  Doing the happy dance!!!


Went back to the mud hole to see what they did.  We have a huge hole that outlines where our new home will be!  As I stood there, I could visualize where each room would be.  Where I was standing would be the corner of our kitchen would be.  It’s becoming more real now.   


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