Building our Naples

We Captured the first dig!

on March 27, 2015

What are the chances that we capture the very first dig of our mud hole?!?  After picking Sam from an extracurricular school activity, we decided to check out if they started something at mud hole.  Luckily for us, the excavator was just about to start!


Then a very nice lady, Cheryl came up next to us and introduced herself and welcomed us to the community.  She told us it was okay for us to get a bit closer (I felt I was intruding and didn’t want disturb any of the workers), so we drove up to our street and got a better shot.  He was throwing the stones to make our driveway and to protect the curb from breaking from his and other construction vehicles.  Doing the happy dance!!!


Went back to the mud hole to see what they did.  We have a huge hole that outlines where our new home will be!  As I stood there, I could visualize where each room would be.  Where I was standing would be the corner of our kitchen would be.  It’s becoming more real now.   



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