Building our Naples

I Beams, and we got some wood y’all!!!

on April 15, 2015

Good day followers (Brian, aren’t you liking the updates?)!  APRIL has proved to be a wet month so far and has been a hindrance with the cement slab process.  Yesterday it was a wet, chilly and all around yucky day (at least it’s not snow right?), and nothing was done at the mud hole.   

our garage!


our very wet basement


walkout view of the basement. The slab looks like marble.


never understood why they were called I-beams until I watched Fixer Upper. doh!


And today after picking Sam from a extracurricular activity at school, we drove over to the mud hole and BAM!!!  Our framing wood has (or is it ‘had arrived’?) arrived!  I had to do 2 panoramic pictures because the load was huge (insert: that’s what she said.). As soon as we pulled up, the warm breeze sent the lumber wood smell towards my nose, and oh man oh man, I love that smell, don’t you?  Am I the only one here who does?

  I’m hoping they get most of the framing done tomorrow before the rain arrives!  Oh did I mention our PM is on vacation this week?  I guess Tuesday of next week, I’ll ask if the date is the same for pre-drywall meet, or is it delayed; I need to notify our private inspector to go a couple days before the meet.  I’m sure I’ll have another update tomorrow, until then…..


I spy some stairs!



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