Building our Naples

We have framing going on!

on April 17, 2015

 From the day we signed the purchase agreement and preparing our old house for the market, this has been my theme:

photo credit: 95.1 SHINE FM

 I stopped by at the mud hole this morning and they were prepping for the installation of the I-beams and the framing.  I didn’t notice this guy below who is carrying obviously heavy timber, can get his weight lifting done as well. Ha ha ha.   

sorting the frames like a puzzle: can i do the edges?

Before heading over to our old house to clean (bleh), I had to drive by and see how they far they progressed since 8:15 this morning (this was taken around 11:45 am).  The I-beams and some of the lumber been installed!  For months, I’ve seen other houses being framed and I was thinking and wishing it was our house.  Well the moment has come and it’s our turn!

Don’t fall over the edge!

 Then yet again, after my daughter’s extracurricular activities at school, we headed back to the mud hole and look, we have some frames up!

I drove around to another street, where I can see the rear of the house and get zoomed in pictures.  A guy was staring at us and was probably wondering why we were spying on him, However in reality we were looking at the house.  I yelled through the window,

“That’s our house!” 

I pulled over and got out to introduce myself and Sam, and shook hands.  Steve told us feel free to trespass into his yard to get closer to the rear of the house.  We chatted for a long time in his back yard to a point the other neighbors came out to introduce themselves as well.  They all seemed nice and would love to get to know them more.  I eventually met Steve’s wife, Kelly who was out getting one of their daughters.    

Sam and I in front of our morning room/walkout.


lifting the frame that will be the doorway.

 Still think the basement is scary, especially when you hear several nail guns going above you.  Look the I-beams are up! 

Sam deciding if she wants to enter the dark part of the basement.


looks totally different with a floor above my head.


glad they cut out our opted windows on the other side. Some day we will have a deck instead of the baby gate.

I wonder how far they gotten so far?  I shall see tomorrow!  


3 responses to “We have framing going on!

  1. Hey! I saw you commented on my Our Pittsburgh Venice. Love all the progress you are having! We are just waiting and waiting to begin! I have a blogger account I keep up to date instead of wordpress, Thanks!

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  2. Page says:

    No more just going to see the dirt, you actually have something to look at that’s above ground, how exciting.

    Liked by 1 person

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