Building our Naples

The Framing Process 

on April 20, 2015

Hello followers!  A lot has happened since the last post, and I can tell you, it is becoming more real now;  there is a house forming.  This picture was taken on Friday evening after I dropped Sam off for an after hour school field trip to see Wicked.  They had gotten the third floor up and framed, and they were working on placing the garage frame to fit; which took them several attempts to make it lock in (and hollering spanish instructions to each other, see the below picture).  At this point for me it didn’t feel real just yet.

Finally, it settled in and they could nail it in!

Struggling to get it to fit.

Our morning room has its framing complete, and a view of the 3rd floor.  My husband showed up at the mud hole just when the workers were finishing up and calling quits for the day.  So we took the opportunity to walk through the main level and basement to see if we could find any issues that was worthy to bring to our PM’s attention (who was off for vacation for the week).  We found a quite few of issues, and I’ll share after we discuss them with him.  We stayed till the sun set, and it we got to hear the true sounds of our community.  I heard kids playing outside, neighbors chatting, and frogs calling in the distance;  we are near marshy areas.  Just hearing the true sounds without the construction noise, made my heart sing; it’s quiet compared where we used to live before.

Here is the morning room with our optional windows with our basement walk out!

Then on Saturday morning on the way to the old house, we stopped back at the mud hole, and we had a 1/4 of a roof!  Now its taking shape of a real house!

Saturday morning on our way to our old house; we have 1/4 of a roof.

I was at my old neighbor’s house for a cookout (we will missing walking across our back yard and into theirs’) and Bill sent me this picture.  At that moment, it felt real to me, it had everything there that resembled a house.
  After church (mind you, is only a minute away from the new house!), I wanted to show my dad and step mom how much has been completed.  I was very surprised these guys were out working on the house on a Sunday!  And they were finishing up some last things such as our portico.

img_5018 copy

I wonder tomorrow will bring?


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