Building our Naples

A long awaited Update 

on May 16, 2015

Sorry for the absence!  There wasn’t much to update during the drywall phase.  There were just lots of dust and more dust.  However it’s nice to see the true size of our house.

the family room

morning room and kitchen

morning room

wider view of the family room



the powder room

dinning room

office/man cave

view of upstairs

the loft

my craft room

laundry room

owners bedroom

roman shower with seat

main bathroom

guest room

Samantha’s room

Another shot of Sam’s room

Below is a broken window in the loft and a new one was ordered on May 11, 3015.  Also, our interior things like, doors, stair railings, vanities, mouldings, and cabinets and some exterior things like sliding screen doors, and columns for the front portico were delivered today.  So in coming weeks, there will be more updates!  So I will leave you what has come in today!

the posts for the front portico

unstained stair rails

it says Butt ha ha ha

interior doors


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