Building our Naples

We have stakes and a black fence y’all!

Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is

First off, let me tell you why this picture of Yoda is on this blog.  My brother, Mike, who likes Star Wars as do I, saw our lot and noticed it was a muddy mess.

“Mudhole?  Slimy?  My home this is” Mike said.

We both laughed at his quirky sense of humor.  From that moment on it has been known as our “mudhole”.  Then just recently I mentioned to Mike that I should get a sign custom made and have “welcome to our mudhole” printed.

Yesterday we had the pre-construction meeting, and just went over the lists of options/standard things we’ve put into our new house.  Went over where we wanted extra stud support so we could hang our TV’s, and told him exactly where we wanted the extra electrical outlets to be.  He went over our upgraded landscaping (sod in the front, blown in seed in the back and sides).  Our PM, Eric was very thorough about the notes he made on his copy of the lists, was highlighting every square inch of the papers (well not every square inch but you get the idea).

Our mud hole ready to be a bigger mud hole! March 26th can’t come soon enough.

After dropping off Sam to a school dance, I swung by the mudhole and guess what?  It’s fenced and staked, waiting to become a bigger mudhole!  I guess the stakes will mark where the (oh gosh having a brain fart), those things that dig-excavators will dig the hole for the foundation.  Anybody who’s reading this and knows construction, enlighten me please.  Ground breaking is schedule to be on March 26th; cross your fingers that it doesn’t rain or (God forbid) snow that day.  Until then, you’ve gotta wait for an another update.

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Another quick update!

I have to say, we are very blessed.  We moved into my dad’s house for a few months until we close on our new house, and we can get our old house (didn’t take long for the term to come up) ready to be on the market.  This past weekend, we moved all our furniture and stuff we don’t need at my Dad’s house into storage, and on Friday we received news that we are approved for the loan through NVR!  They still need some documentation for this year, and got them in right away!  Also we have our pre-construction meeting on Thursday morning and looks like breaking ground is on schedule-we actually have a real address to our lot.   Can the end of June/beginning of July hurry up already?  Until next time, you have to wait for the next post!

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A Quick Update

Hello fellow Ryan Homes followers!  I’m sorry that things around here are quiet.  Once we break ground (still tentatively on March 23rd) and things start moving right along, posts will be more frequent.  In speaking of breaking ground, we finally scheduled our appointment for the pre-construction meeting, which is on March 19th (also my birthday)!  We have questions but I don’t them with me so at the moment I can’t write them on here; once I find the paper, I’ll post them.  We are making one adjustment to the master bath; my husband wants a Roman shower with a seat, our SR said it wouldn’t be a problem to add.  We will find out on the 19th if we can do the Roman Shower or not.  So until then, you have to wait for another post!

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Our Snowy Adventure to the Design Center

Where should I start?  Yesterday the NWS issued a winter weather warning for today and tomorrow.  Luckily, the snow held off until the very end of our appointment and then the real snowy adventure started when we left the design center. We will get to the snowy adventure home later on. When we walked to the design center entrance, Ms. Keiffer greeted us.  She was pleased to find out that we had an idea of what we wanted and a budget; it made the whole process flow logistically.  She designed the flooring, cabinets, tiles and etc. in the model home in our community, so it was nice to have a pro that could help on flow of colors and make sure our home wasn’t a rainbow.  We did kind of spin our wheels (no pun attended) at the very beginning but once we got going, we were flying through the choices!  I guess, I start with the main level, and my kitchen.

One of our incentive, we got the luxury package, which includes a lot of upgrades, which include, upgrade 1 on all the cabinets, granite kitchen countertops, kitchen sink, main bath and master bath and brushed nickel on all fixtures. The foyer, hallway, powder room, and kitchen came with level 1 hardwood, the dinning room and family room came with carpet, and vinyl in the mudroom and the morning room which are all standard.

To make things more simple, I’ll just include the list and the photo.

  • IMG_4814Foyer, hallway, office/man cave, dinning room, powder room, kitchen and morning room floor:  Upgrade 2 hand scraped Rural Living Hickory Fall Canyon
  • Kitchen cabinets: Upgrade 1 Scottsdale Maple Espresso
  • Kitchen sink: One big sink (standard is a 50/50 sink).
  • Kitchen counter top: Santa Cecelia

Better shot of the kitchen granite counter top and the cabinet.

  • Family room: Upgrade C carpet Simple Touch Sand Swept with the upgrade A padding Opera.  We figured this will be the high traffic area and should feel luxurious on our feet.  I love the two toned color, and that will hide our 100 lb. Rottweiler’s black fur and everyday dirt.
  • Mudroom: Upgrade A  12 X 12 Datile Hearth Raffia with bone (the bigger tile pictured).
  • Stairs to basement: Baseline White fox with baseline padding
  • Stairs to upper level and railing:  cherrywood stain with white balusters.
  • 2nd floor floor: Baseline White fox with upgrade A padding Opera
  • Main bathroom cabinet: Upgrade 1 Scottsdale Maple Espresso
  • Vanity:  Standard white marble top
  • Surround and flooring tile:  Upgrade B 6×6 gloss white with 3×8 Ivy with snow, 12×12 Brixton Mushroom with Sandstone.
  • IMG_4818
  • Laundry room: vinyl 66156 Initiator (popular choice).

The master bath is where we did most of the upgrades and should be in my own opinion.

  • Cabinets: Upgrade 1 Scottsdale Maple Espresso
  • Vanity: Upgrade 1 Wheat
  • Surround and floor tile Upgrade C: 12×12 Fidenza cafe with 5/8″ border Butternut (glass tile)/Emperador (marble) and 2 corner shelves Durangos on opposite sides of walk in shower (5 feet more room because we opted out the tub).

The blue car there, he was spinning his rear wheels and got stuck.

There you have it!  Bill and I are very pleased with our choices and it’s going to be a beautiful home!  Now back to the snowy part of our adventure.  After we left the design center, the roads were beginning to look sketchy, I was worried but my husband wasn’t; he informed me his car has AWD and we would be alright.  So we went to Red Robin (who knew designing your home would make you hungry), which on a clear day, would take us 5 minutes-took us 15 minutes.  We ate and made the journey home, which would’ve took us 15 minutes, took us 1 hour and 30 minutes.  There were so many car without AWD that were stuck, spinning wheels and were eventually abandoned, and they were the ones who were causing majority of the traffic problems out there.  Below are some pictures of our winter storm adventure.



Oh yeah, how can I forget these pictures!!!!!   Last Sunday we went to see our home site and guess what?!?!?  Our “sold”sign was up and got the family together to do a selfie with our sign (a selfie stick would’ve been helpful).  I forgot to mention that our SR, Brian (hi Brian!), has been a remarkable SR, has met all our expectations and beyond!  He responses promptly back to our emails and can answer most of our questions on the spot-he’s very knowledgeable.  He’s very personable and friendly.  We are very lucky to have him to guide us through this new process.  When I was at the model home, I asked him when we would break ground and he told us the tentative date is:  MARCH 23rd!  Hopefully by then, we won’t have any winter weather to deal with that would push our ground breaking date back.  So I guess, until then…you have to wait for the next post!

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It’s all about the floor plan and options

We just came back from a meeting with Guardian, who will take care of the wiring and cabling for our phone (who has a landline these days?), internet and cable.  It was a breath of fresh air when the meeting lasted only 25 minutes or so; the last 2 were at least 2-5 hours long.  I guess with a husband who can talk the “talk” with the sales guy, it made it a lot easier.  Our lot sign will be up by Saturday, and we are going back on Sunday to walk through a Naples model again, so my husband can actually look at the size (the first time, he didn’t remember a thing).

I’ve decided to dedicate this post about the floor plan and the features that are included and options.  I could’ve included that on my first blog entry, however I felt I would’ve over loaded you all.  Below is the floor plans for the Naples, and as you see it has an open floor concept, which I love the most.  I will go over on each floor plan what is included and the options that we decided to have.  Are you ready, come follow me into our future home!  Oh by the way, our floor plan is reverse of what you see below and we picked Elevation C which is all siding (gray siding, with black shutters, front door, and white trim) and the white carriage garage door is standard.

Main lev

Main level:

We opted having an office instead of the formal living room.  Think about it, what room would get used more often?  We also added hardwood flooring in the office and in the dining room.  All fixtures are brushed nickel. Per to our county code, the house is required to have those fire sprinklers (you know, those things you see on the ceilings in public places). Hardwood floors are standard throughout the entry, hallway and the kitchen.  Speaking of kitchen, my 1st haven, there are a few standard and options:


~Stainless steel stove, dishwasher, microwave package

~Kitchen cabinet crown moulding

~Kitchen faucet upgrade 1

~ Granite countertops

~42″ wall kitchen cabinets

~Large kitchen sink upgrade1


~Gas range

~Kitchen gourmet island

~Morning room with the extra windows located on the opposite wall from Patio door

~rough in for 2 pedant lights over the gourmet island

~extra electrical outlet on the opposite end of island

~Hardwood flooring

In the Family room we opted not to have the fireplace.  Added 4 more recess lighting, and a fan rough in.


3rd floor plan

3rd floor plan

The master bathroom is the only options we changed, instead of the standard garden tub with shower, we opted the walk in shower with linen closet.  We never take baths (we have a jacuzzi tub in our master bath, and it hasn’t been used in a year).  The laundry room, we opted for a gas dryer.  And we added fan rough ins in each room.


We left it unfinished (will have our contractor friend finish it….eventually) with a full bath rough in.

Unfinished basement with full bath rough in and walkout.

Unfinished basement with full bath rough in and walkout.

More of the design features like the flooring, cabinets, tiles and etc….will be featured in a future post when we make our trip to the design center on February 21st.  I’m looking forward to that!  Until then, you will have to WAIT for another post!


The beginning……

Well, where should I start?  Should I start at my friends’ annual Christmas dinner (Thanksgiving weekend), where it all began? I guess I shall, hmm?  My husband was having a discussion to our friend, who is also a contractor, about all the work he wanted to do to our current house, and our friend said,

“With all the work you want, you should just pick up and move.”

Who knew that quote would push us into our journey of finding our dream home!  We looked into every Avenue possible, such as, buying a lot or a lot that had a run down house and then build our home, and looked into 4 communities (3 Ryan Homes and 1 Beazers). And it seemed that building in a community was the best Avenue to take.   During the Christmas break, we made a trip to the desired community and I got to meet our SR (Sales Rep).  We were even lucky to take a tour of a Naples in the community!   It was love at first sight for me; the longer I was in the house, the more it felt right.  The size was perfect, not too small, not too big, it was just right (sounds like goldie locks eh?), the kitchen was perfect for me, the open concept was another feature I loved, the loft and the laundry room being on the 3rd floor-the list can go on and on!

Now flash forward up to: January 24, 2015.  After more researching our options, 2 more meetings with our SR, we buckled down and went for it.  Actually, we weren’t planning to sign the purchase agreement that day, just wanted to get some more questions answered.  After 15 minutes of asking questions, our SR could see we (and when I say we, I mean my husband), were ready, but hesitating.  So, he told us to take a look at the available lots (Mind you, we already looked 4 times before), and it didn’t take us long to pick the right one.

Our daughter standing where our lot sign would be.

Our daughter standing where our lot sign would be placed. It would take 7-10 days for the sign to come in (it should be there by now).

After we made our decision, we took the plunge and signed the purchase agreement, made appointments for NVR and the design center.  Guardian called later that week and we are seeing them this coming Monday.  We already met with our loan officer and signed our life away so to speak.  She was so kind and took the time to go over the numbers (even though my husband already made an excel spreadsheet) and make it work so we could get approved!  Now all we do have to wait until our front and back end processors get in touch with us to let us know we got approved, or need more info.  I really, really, really hate this part, the waiting.  I try my best to update as much as possible, but at this point, there’s nothing to share.  I will post a new picture of our lot with the sold sign soon.  Until, you have to WAIT!